Exposition Pierre BESSUGES, Mosul IRAK, 29 Mars 2022

Semaine de la Francophonie

Université of Mosul / Institut Culturel Franco-Irakien




Pierre Bessuges’ origins lie in the South of France. He has spent half of his life abroad and worked over 30 years in development aid, international cooperation and humanitarian action. Through his career, he has worked for the private sector, governments and largely United Nations’ organisations. He has worked in the deep field in hardship theatres of operations and has helped vulnerable communities prepare, respond and recover from the humanitarian consequences of natural disasters or wars in several continents throughout the world. He has also held senior leadership and coordination positions. He is a seasoned trainer and lecturer through which he shares his international experience.
While Pierre Bessuges is now independently pursuing his humanitarian engagement and attachment to cultural and humanist values, he has become in the very recent years an emerging self-made artist. His ambition is to pursue his own artwork and to develop and advise on initiatives linking art and humanism through cooperation projects, supporting local communities and artists.
With a somewhat rocketing art production and success, he is fulfilling his aspiration to express himself and communicate his vision through his practice and exploration of contemporary art techniques. His work can be abstract or lightly suggestive at times, graphic and colourful. Spontaneously, he uses different raw materials and supports such as metal, canvas, wood and clay and transforms, alters or re-uses them, to create bespoke pieces of art in the form of paintings, objects, furniture and sculptures.
Over the past 5 years, Pierre Bessuges has participated in several solo or collective art exhibitions in Switzerland, France, Corsica, Belgium and Morocco. More information about Pierre Bessuges’ exhibition history, background, artistic and humanitarian work can be found on his website https://pierrebessugescreations.com and on his Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn profiles and YouTube Channel. After having spent 15 months in Erbil, KRI, and Iraq between November 2020 and February 2022, Pierre Bessuges is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon to pursue his artistic and humanistic work.

March 2022

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